Weba: The Webview App (Java)

Product Weba - Devtejas
ToolsAndroid Studio
TypeAndroid Webview App
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Weba - The Webview App is a free and open-source Android app made by me(devtejas) for people who want to convert their website into a native android app. This app is fully free to download and use. There is no need to attribute or credit me. If you really want to support me just buy me a coffee.

This app has many features explained in the features tab. Some people will say it looks like a normal web view app but its original functions are not related to the UI thus the app appears as a normal web view app. You can check the features in the features tab.

Weba has many features and some of them are listed below,

  • It supports all websites and especially useful for blogger users as they cannot convert their blog to a web app.
  • Supports Dark mode if the website has that functionality.
  • Has a fully customizable splash screen.
  • The whole app runs in a single activity(mainActivity).
  • If you click your site link on any app like WhatsApp, Facebook or on google search. Weba automatically opens it so you don't have to open your website in the browser.
  • When you open the app it stores all the loaded webpages in the cache so next time that pages can load without an internet connection.
  • If there is no connection and you try to open the page which is not stored in the cache you will see a no connection screen with Lottie animation included in it.
  • Swipe down to refresh.
  • Weba is fully open source and Free. Customize it, sell it, earn from it that's your choice.
  • Report bugs, if any from the contact page or send an email to tmahajan09876@gmail.com
For detailed documentation for how to customize and build the app visit www.devtejas.me.

Documentation for the app will be available on www.devtejas.me.
Download the app source code from below or use the demo button to download the weba.apk file to see the demo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Yes. My apps are free to use for everyone. You can upload it on any app store with some customizations.

  • Navigate to the Download tab and click on the demo button to get the .apk file and the download button to download the source code.
  • No. It's your choice but if you don't want to credit me just don't forget to remove the logos and other images related to my brand from the App or replace them with yours.